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What is social media boost?
Is my account at risk?
We record and observe the effect of orders placed on joysmm.net on social media accounts moment by moment. We want you to know that since our panel was implemented, we have not observed any risk in the accounts unless there is abuse by our users. However, we would like you to know that our panel applications do not take any responsibility for any problems that may occur.
What is the effect on my account?
You can be sure that you will see the effect if you follow the progress in a controlled and regular manner in the orders you place on joysmm.net. If we need to explain with a few examples; The posts you share on Instagram go to the "Discover" section. This will allow your post to reach more Instagram users. For another example, you are more likely to appear in the "Recommended" section of the videos you share on Youtube. This will help your video post to be seen by more Youtube users.
How do I load balance?
After successfully registering on joysmm.net, click on the 'Add funds' icon from the menu on the left and load the balance by following the steps. You can load your account 24/7.
How to create a support request?
joysmm.net After logging in, click the 'Tickets' button on the left menu. On the page that opens, select the topic for which you want to create a support request. Then fill in the required fields and click the 'Create Support Request' button.
How can I order?
Automatic transactions will benefit you in making continuous transactions through the panel. After you create automatic transactions, you do not need any operation on the panel. Automatic transactions automatically activate the service you specify for the posts you share on social media platforms and joysmm.net provides sending as long as you have a balance on the panel. This not only makes your transactions easier, but also saves you more time.
Order process
Order stages guide you through the completion of your order. Learning the order stages will help you to check the status of your order. In general, the orders you place through the joysmm.net panel first go through the control phase, then they are queued and waited before shipping. When your shipment is processed, the order stage changes while it is being shipped, and then your order is finalized.
What do the service descriptions mean?
Since the features of each service are different, the descriptions are specific to only one service and do not change unless other services show the same features. The description part is written and edited to guide you Turkiyeresellers customers. joysmm.net customers must abide by the specified descriptions.
How are service prices determined?
The prices of joysmm.net services are generally determined by the intensity of the service. If the service is used more than necessary, the service slowness will increase and the price will therefore decrease. If there is not more demand for a service, the service will start fast and the price will be high.
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