What is a TikTok Like ? How to Increase It ?

What is a TikTok Like ? How to Increase It ?

What is a TikTok Like ? How to Increase It ?

TikTok, which has become one of the most active and most used platforms of social media, hosts new shares and developments every day. Let's find out together what the likes feature on this platform does and how it can be increased.

The TikTok platform can be called one of the most widely used platforms today. The main purpose of this platform is to share videos in vertical video format. If these shared videos are liked and attracted attention, they are expressed with the heart icon located to the right of the video. The higher the number in this heart icon, the more likes the shared content means. That's why the number of likes is quite important. The sum of the received likes is written on the main profile of the person who creates the content, as it is not on any other social media platform. Thus, the total number of likes appears and shows the activity of that profile. 

So How to Increase TikTok Likes ?

1) Actively Make Shares

As with any platform, the percentage of activity is very important for TikTok. The more active you are on a platform, the more users of that platform and its algorithm like you and explore your content to reach more people. So even people you don't know will see you, if they like your content, they will send likes and help increase your number of likes.

2) Create Content as a Concept

Do not fit your shares into different patterns. For example, if you have a travel page, don't post posts about fashion, computers, or health here. Or if you have a car page, do not post posts related to clothing or sports related to things you are interested in here. For example, if your page is a page about holidays, make a concept here where you suggest places, the story of the places or the prices of the holidays. Thus, you reach a good set of content and attract the attention of people who will look at your page, causing them to see and like multiple posts.

3) Buy TikTok Likes

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