What is an Instagram Story, How to Increase Views ?

What is an Instagram Story, How to Increase Views ?

What is an Instagram Story, How to Increase Views ?

Instagram, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, continues to grow and develop every day. New features that are emerging on social media platforms that are developing every day are hosting new shares by adapting other social media platforms to themselves.

Story, which is the feature that Snapchat, one of the most popular applications of the time, took out, that is, story display, has gained popularity in other applications after Snapchat, which has lost its popularity in recent years. while this feature, which was first released by Snapchat, was a feature where people added each other and shared snapshots, its use began to increase when Instagram integrated this feature into itself. These shares, which are shared vertically on Instagram, are called stories, that is, stories. This round marked area, which remains above the profile for 24 hours, disappears spontaneously at the end of 24 hours. After making these shared contents not only friends, but also your profile is not a private profile, everyone can see it. However, if your account is a private profile, only people who follow you can see it.

In other words, only images are not shared in story sharing. It allows you to add your Instagram story when you share your own videos, content on Instagram and other social media platforms. In addition, there are many different features in the setting up of shared content before sharing. As there are many features such as writing to the story, making signs through the story, adding effects to the story, adding music, adding gifs, adding hours, survey activity, question and answer activity, etc. there are hundreds of additional features like. To use these features, just use the buttons above right before sharing the story.

How to Increase Instagram Story Content?

1) Share Quality Stories
The content you share is very important. Take care to make shares that your audience of followers will like and like. The more the content you share is remembered, the more the number of views of your next story will increase correctly. In addition, if the content you share is original, other people can share this story and increase the number of views of the story

2) Set Your Sharing Hours Correctly
Each account has an activity hour. You can find this activity time by trial and error. Your stories shared during these hours will be watched quite a lot and will allow your profile to grow and reach a wide audience.

3) Make Activities in Your Shares
Create new ethics for more monitoring of the stories you share. For example, events such as a question and answer event, a survey event are one-on-one for users to interact with you and move your popularity to the top.

4) Buy Story Views

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