What is Instagram Reels, How to Increase Views ?

What is Instagram Reels, How to Increase Views ?

What is Instagram Reels, How to Increase Views ?

Instagram, the social media giant, continues to grow every day and release new features. The videos that were previously discovered as frames and appeared on our homepage are now being accessed in vertical format and we call it reels.

While Instagram used to explore videos that were in square format and allow people to reach more people, today this event has almost completely disappeared. The vertical sharing format, which was first released by TikTok and reached large sets, has taken its name as "Reels" after the adaptation of this feature to Instagram. You can create a new Reels when you pull your homepage to the right as if sharing a new story, or when you click on the plus button in the menu located at the bottom of the screen on your homepage. Whether you want to take an instant video, or if you want, you can edit a video in your gallery as reels and share it for a maximum of 90 seconds. If your profile is an interesting reels or a suitable profile for discovery, it can be easily discovered if your shared reels account is public. 

How to Increase Instagram Reels Views?

1) Share Original Content

Get away from the similarity and the content that everyone shares. It is possible that a type of content that expresses a new opinion or that you have created yourself will be discovered and the number of views will increase. That's why try to share highly original and high-quality content.

2) Support Your Shares 

When editing the content you share, allow people to save this content for sending to each other. If necessary, add music compatible with the video to your Reels videos and let people ask the name of the music in the comments. Or ask questions inside or in the description of your reels videos for users to take action and comment. Thus, as the interaction increases, your video will reach more people and your number of views will increase.

3) Discover Buy Services

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